My Music Jar 2020

As we hit the end of the year and try to work out how much better 2021 is going to be, I thought it would be a good opportunity to dwell some more on what happened last year.
I undertook a project to listen to 52 artists that I hadn’t taken the time with before. As it turned out, I got to spend a lot of my time indoors, indulging in these albums, learning about the bands and musicians behind them.
I enjoyed much of what I heard but these are the ten artists that made the biggest impact and which I will undoubtedly full back on.

1. Pearl Jam
There’s a lot to be said about Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Most notably, Just Breathe, which has made it onto a number of playlists I turn to in times of respite.

2. Thin Lizzy
After listening to Phil and the gang, I was lucky enough to visit Dublin and tour the studio where they recorded many of their albums. There’s a wonderful joy to their music. It’s fun and sexy.

3. David Gray
The wobbly-headed wonder was due to play some big shows in 2020. I was ready to go and cry, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

4. Wolf Alice
One of the bands I missed out on when their tide rode high, it was great to listen to Wolf Alice in the hopes that I could one day see them live.

5. St Thomas
The beauty of St Thomas was brought to me alongside the painful documentary, Burn The Place You Hide. More than any other artist, these are the songs that get stuck in my head.

6. Childish Gambino
The final week of the Music Jar project delivered one of the greatest performers. I look forward to listening to more of his work through this year.

7. My Chemical Romance
Being a sanctimonious little know-it-all, I didn’t listen to emo’s sons when they were at their zenith. Again, they were due to play some big shows in 2020 that I would have loved to have seen.

8. Weezer
A band that I wrote off because they seemed what we would now call a bit basic. Weezer have an incredible backlog of songs and continue to put out great albums.

9. Cigarettes After Sex
If you’re into The XX and London Grammar, if you like being sad, smoking roll ups and wearing nothing but black then Cigarettes After Sex might just be the band for you. I know they made my Top 100 thanks to the sweet Spotify algorithm.

10. INXS
Another band that I missed out on because I what I thought they were, INXS were one of the most important bands of their era who became a joke and a footnote unnecessarily.

I’m still working out what projects I will take up this year. You all know I love a challenge but I wanted to draw a line under this year and the bands I’m now into.






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