I woke up early and bagged up anything in my hotel room that wasn’t chained down. I didn’t know what the rest of my accommodation would be like so took two toothbrushes, body lotion, conditioner, shampoo, a shower cap, a comb and so many bars of soap that it looked like I was smuggling bullion. … More Rishikesh

Delhi to Agra

I landed at around 10am, still dressed in the Canadian tuxedo I had worn to work the day before. I had one bag with me, hanging off one shoulder, full of what my friends call “Bastard shirts” – hideously glorious short sleeved Hawaiian-style tops. I also had toothpaste and some cotton buds so I was … More Delhi to Agra

What have you done?

This week I have seen a number of posts from people celebrating their personal wins for the year so far. I know I have made similar highlight-type posts in time gone by about my personal achievements for a given period. Due to personal circumstances, it hit me this time around that it’s ok if you … More What have you done?

Tie that knot.

I’m at an age where I go to a lot of weddings. It seems to me that everything is currently doing the wedding thing. My right arm is constantly hooked, ready for another glass of champagne, another toast to another happy couple. That’s why it’s pretty impressive if a wedding goes above and beyond. This … More Tie that knot.