Music Jar – Week 5

This week, I pulled LA rock duo, Best Coast from the pickle jar. I dedicated seven days to them, which as luck would have it, ended with the release of their new album, Always Tomorrow. What I Knew Before: I knew there were two of them. I knew that they were a band who were around […]

Music Jar – Week 4

No two weeks are the same, whether you work as a bailiff or if you’ve put fifty-two slips of paper in a pickle jar. This week, I am the latter, and I picked Kiwi goth kid sister, Lorde. What I Knew Before: I was familiar with Lorde. I had listened to Pure Heroine, seen her […]

My big commitment.

In 2019, I committed myself in a way that I had never done before. I paid in advance for a Odeon Limitless card for the year. This meant that I could watch as many films as possible for one fixed fee. I don’t know if it’s of any interest to anyone else but I watched: […]