Music Jar – week 29

Each week, I listen to a new band or artist, based on recommendations from those I trusted enough to throw names in at the start of the year. This week was the turn of alternative rock group, Wolf Alice.

What I Knew Before
I knew some of Wolf Alice’s songs, had probably heard their first album, but they certainly signify a point where I stopped knowing about the cool new music and listened to everything I knew from 2004 – 2010 ad nauseam. There was an episode of the excellent Song Exploder where they broke down Don’t Delete The Kisses. Regardless of my interest in the band and that song, it takes everything in my being not to call it Kisses On The Bottom, which is the unfortunate title of Paul McCartney’s fifteenth studio album.

What I Know Now
Wolf Alice are from a city I used to know, called London. They are a four-piece band fronted by Ellie Rowsell (who I obviously have a crush on) and who remain one of the most exciting British rock bands of recent years. Their second album, Visions Of A Life, won the Mercury Prize in 2018. They described their music as “the lovechild of folk and grunge” and if there was ever a soundbite that was going to appeal to me then it was that.
I have missed out by not being into Wolf Alice when live music was a thing that we could actively participate in. I hope they and it return to us soon.

Favourite songs:
Don’t Delete The Kisses, Silk, Fluffy and Teenage Headache Dreams.

Favourite album:
This is a real Sophie’s Choice, but it has to be My Love Is Cool.






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