Music Jar – week 43

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess, each week I listen to a different band or artist, taking the name from a pickle jar I filled with suggestions at the start of 2020, not knowing that the year would be a pickle itself. This week was the turn of seasoned LA geek rock band, Weezer.

What I Knew Before
When we were teens, Weezer weren’t quite hard enough. They didn’t rock. I can remember turning Kerrang TV over when the video for Hash Pipe came on.

What I Know Now
I certainly had it wrong. I had it so wrong in fact that I issued a public apology to one of my friends who was and is a huge Weezer fan. Weezer absolutely rock. They have rocked since they formed in 1992 and I should have respected that.
I went for a skate on Monday, because I’m still a child. I listened to their self-titled first album, also known as Blue and realised I had been very wrong. Every song on that album absolutely slaps. My Name Is Jonas, No One Else and The World Has Turned And Left Me Here open that album. An unreal presentation. I don’t know if there’s a debut album I have heard in a long time that hits in that way. Weezer are something special and I’m sorry I didn’t recognise it.

Favourite song(s):
My Name Is Jonas, Buddy Holly, Say It Ain’t So, Undone – The Sweater Song, All My Friends Are Insects

Favourite album:
Weezer (Blue)

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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