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  • Top 10 of 2019.

    I’ve had an incredible year. To think that the Fyre Festival documentary came out this year means it really has been a wild ride. I didn’t have to resort to anything of the sort to make a deal with Evian but here are the ten best things that have happened to me in no real […]

  • New York – Day Seven

    I woke up and felt the melancholic dread of having to go home. There’s always something that hangs over the final day of any time spend anywhere else. We packed up the last of our things and said goodbye to our cute apartment. We dropped our bags at a nearby hotel so we could explore […]

  • New York – Day Six

    I learnt about Thanksgiving through Addams Family Values, which is a fairly solid historical depiction. I was excited to experience my first one in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but first, Dunkin’ Donuts. Jaz and I set off early. We had a lot to get done. We got Beyond […]

  • New York – Day Four

    On Tuesday I got to live out a dream I’ve had for most of my life. I got to have what she’s having. When I was twelve, my best friend was a girl called Amy. My grandpa told me that “men and women could never really be friends because sex got in the way”. When […]

  • New York – Day Three

    On Monday, we picked up breakfast in Dunkin’ Donuts and took the subway to the financial district. We visited the 9/11 Memorial but I had little interest in visiting the museum (because, you know, grief porn). The sky was a beautiful blue after the cold and wet of the day before so it made sense […]

  • New York – Day Two

    When we woke up on Sunday, the sky was grey and rain was falling on the fire escape. I put on my giant orange coat to explore. We got the Subway to Times Square and wandered around, wasting time before our matinee show, To Kill A Mockingbird. While debating whether we were hungry, we wandered […]

  • New York – Day One

    We got a yellow cab from JFK and towards Manhattan – already a very American sentence. I was experiencing sensory overload following the flight and all of this new stuff wasn’t helping. We were both wiped out so the journey was made in near-silence. It was only as the taxi pulled up outside our apartment […]

  • New York – Day Five

    Wednesdays are for the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), a mecca I have only been fortunate enough to frequent once before. Imagine a Little Chef on acid, with chicken and waffles. We lost our shit over the menu. I had eggs, sausage and waffles. Jaz had sausages, potatoes, bacon, eggs and pancakes. I did what […]

  • Iowa

    Three years ago, I was enduring work when the new American guy on our team, Darren, asked if I would go for a pint and talk about writing. I am always up for conversations about writing but I couldn’t work out what he actually wanted. I was suspicious of his motives. It turned out he […]

  • Drunk And Out in London and Paris (and then London again)

    They say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same steps and expecting a different result. Eight years ago I took an overnight coach to Paris with my friend Lucy. The fallout from that horrific journey meant we didn’t speak to each other for several months. We are fine now. Knowing how much that […]