New York – Day Four

On Tuesday I got to live out a dream I’ve had for most of my life. I got to have what she’s having.

When I was twelve, my best friend was a girl called Amy. My grandpa told me that “men and women could never really be friends because sex got in the way”. When I looked disgusted, he told me about When Harry Met Sally and a new love was born. It’s also worth recommending that this conversation never takes place across two generations again.

The famous scene, where we all got to see Meg Ryan’s O-face, took place in Katz Deli. They do sandwiches that are so thick that they would believe Boris Johnson. We split a sandwich and got some latkes and sat at THE TABLE. This, aside from the birth of my niece, is probably the most beautiful moment of my life. I cried at both events. It was without a doubt the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I can’t explain how good it was but I would do terrible, terrible things for another one.

Worried that I would never feel hungry again, we walked to Greenwich Village and found the exterior of the Friends apartment. It was only as we stood outside that I realised there was no way the apartment itself had such a layout if it was in that building. I had been royally stiffed by Rachel and Monica (chance would be a fine thing).

We found the Ghostbuster Firehouse on our walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. We were having a day of modern cultural relevance.

The bridge is supposed to be an amazing experience but, like most things, is ruined by the people who wander about on it aimlessly, taking bad selfies and having zero awareness of the space they are taking up. By the time we got across I wanted to kick them all in the river.

We walked through Brooklyn and found a cool coffee shop before arguing over the direction we were going in and heading back to Williamsburg. We had booked in for the Brooklyn Brewery tour but were there about three hours early so wandered the streets and looked in shops ahead of our tour time.

The Brooklyn Brewery Tour is definitely worth doing (I found out later that it is free on a Saturday). You get four tasters along the way and learn about how the biggest independent brewery in the world works. It made me appreciate my booze all the more.

Back on the island, I left Jaz to sleep through Friends repeats while I headed to a bar to meet my friend Noah who was playing a show. It was great to see him perform and to catch up but by the time I got back to our apartment, I was dead on my feet and happy to fall down on the bed.






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