35mm Costa Rica.

This photo was from my first day in Costa Rica, where I wandered around San Jose, made friends with Joey from Denver, and read most of a book while sipping iced coffee high above street level. I was drunk. We were drunk. This was a real bonding experience for the five of us. Later, I…… Continue reading 35mm Costa Rica.

Costa Rica – week two

My second week in Costa Rica has just meant more adventures. We visited a coffee co-operative where I learnt about the ridiculous amount of work that it takes for a cup of coffee to end up in front of me. Then I had a cup and saw into the future. The best goddamn coffee I’ve…… Continue reading Costa Rica – week two

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Costa Rica – week one

I don’t know if I’ll be able to sum up what I have done and seen in the last week. It feels like I’ve been on the road for a lot longer than is possible. Every place I have visited has been beautiful in its own way, from the city of San Jose up into…… Continue reading Costa Rica – week one

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Having refused to pay 300 rupees extra for an air conditioned cab, I sat sweating in the passenger seat with one elbow hooked  on the open window to try and spread some breeze around my body. The road was dusty and wild. There were children leaving school, walking along the side-lines and staring as this…… Continue reading Goa

PH balance.

It is often only once you are clear of an experience that you are able to recall it for what it was, as a whole, and with absolute joy. That is how I feel about backpacking around the Philippines with Clarissa. It was the best of times, and then, for a little tiny bit, it…… Continue reading PH balance.