Music Jar – week 21

This week, I have been listening to Yebba – an artist I hadn’t heard of and was unlikely to if it wasn’t for Becca’s recommendation. She’s a lot better at

identifying these new trends in music and knowing about what is cool. 

Yebba is a singer/songwriter from West Memphi who has worked with Sam Smith, Stormzy and Mark Ronson (amongst many others) but it wasn’t until now that I had the chance to listen to her. 

Her debut album, Dawn, was released in 2021 and is a beautifully composed and eclectic mix of songs including Love Came Down, All I Ever Wanted and my personal favourite, October Sky. She worked alongside everyone’s favourite DJ, Zane Lowe, on the project which speaks volumes about the calibre of her performances and general skill. It’s fair to say that her voice is amazing.

Yebba is definitely one to watch and I’m glad to have been introduced to what she does. 






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