Music Jar – week 22

This week, I have been listening to singer/songwriter/actress, Ingrid Michaelson. While I am now very interested in tracking down her romcom, Humor Me, it’s more a case of rumour me when it comes to the stories that she has started working on a musical adaptation of The Notebook.

While it’s clear from her background that Michaelson is very much a twirley, there is a MPD element to her music that means it wasn’t too much of a surprise to discover she had worked with Zooey Deschanel – chief kook.

It’s on songs like The Lotto, Be OK and To Begin Again that her voice shines through, and obviously, that is what we are here for. There is something incredibly charming in her songwriting and that’s a rare thing.

A playlist of my Music Jar 2022 is available here






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