Music Jar – week 20

This week has been my triumphant joy to listen to nothing but Paramore.
Now listen, due to me being so indie that it hurt at the time, I wasn’t allowed to listen to Paramore at the time although I do remember “Barry the Castle” (Brick By Boring Brick) as a colleague called it being played on Radio One on repeat in 2009. It turns out, that like now listening to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and the like, I missed out on some fun and heartfelt music that was only a hop away from what I was into anyway.

It definitely benefits us all that the lines in the sand have been washed away when it comes to music tastes. It’s never been as fine to listen to whatever you want as it is now and that is a wonderful thing.

For those of you who still have questions, Paramore are originally from Tennessee and formed in the mid-2000s to change hair forever. Their style and sound has changed over the years but there is no mistaking a Hayley Williams vocal. While my limited Google searching shows there have been some personnel changes over the years, something beautiful and consistent remains, and that is a dedication to great hooks, pogo ready pop punk and bright colours.






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