Music Jar – week 19

This week, I have been enjoying the music of Brandi Carlile. Carlile, from Washington, Seattle is a legend in the field of Grey’s Anatomy as well as being a gay icon. Whatever you do, don’t get her mixed up with Belinda Carlisle, who performed Heaven Is A Place On Earth and is probably also a gay icon.

She’s one of those artists that I knew the name of but never took the opportunity to listen to. That’s what the Music Jar is all about though – finding out more about artists that I should know more about and expanding my knowledge on music away from my go-tos.
While this might not necessarily be a bit of me, I can appreciate the space that Brandi has formed in the world and how admired she is as a result.

Songs like You and Me On The Rock and The Joke do a fine job of setting the tone on a legacy of music that sits behind Carlile but it isn’t immediately for me. That’s absolutely fine. I’m glad I learnt something this week and that’s the very least I can hope for.






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