Music Jar – week 18

This week, I have been lost in my very own indie movie with the help of the bird and the bee – stylised in lowercase for hipster cool emphasis. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my boyfriend, Scott Rose, for making me aware of this group.

The pair from Los Angeles are notably successful in their own rights but it’s the coming together (right now, over me) that truly makes this project as special as it is. I got the sense that the project is intended to be un, ad that the pair of them take the work they do seriously, and are fantastic at it, but the joy they have for the music they create is clear. A part of this comes down to their Interpreting the Masters series, where they cover the works of unlikely other groups including Van Halen and Hall & Oates.

Outside of their work together, Inara George ha recorded four albums – she’s the bird element of the collaboration by the way. Greg Kurstin – the bee – has worked as a producer and multi-instrumentalist with a range of artists including Sia, Kendrick Lamar and Foo Fighters.

I could happily accept the bird and the bee into the league of music that I regularly keep going. It’s the sound of a beautiful day and a walk with someone you love. It’s ice cream and a coffee. There’s the sound of the holden hour and staying up into the early hours of the morning all at once.

I would thoroughly recommend putting them into your rotation.






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