Music Jar – week 13

Each week, I choose an artist at random from a pickle jar and listen to everything they’ve done, hoping to find new favourite artists. This week, it was Jaz’s recommendation – Martha Wainwright.
Now, I was aware of MW because Jaz added possibly her most annoying song to our Road Trip playlist – a 24 hour long playlist we use when we are on, you guessed it, the road. That annoying song is Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole, and even after I listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed, the rest of Martha’s back catalog, I hold this truth to be self evident. I don’t like BMFA. It sounds like a bad Alanis song.

That said, Martha and the whole Wainwright clan are very much up my straße. There’s a lo-fi element to her first couple of albums and a sad longing that was only ever going to make this Sad Boi blush. With each album, there’s an iteration and a change that I am completely on board with. Even the French albums had something for me.

I think it’s fair to say that I judged this particular book by its cover and had been missing out on a league of other stuff as a result.

Sorry Martha. Sorry Jaz.






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