Music Jar – week 14

This week, I’ve had the joy of listening to Jorja Smith, thanks to Dani Keepings. I wasn’t familiar with Jorja, who is a full decade younger than me and infinitely more talented. Her jazz-club-in-the-early-hours albums have been a beautiful accompaniment to this week.

There’s a lot to be said for artists who are off of my radar because they’re too cool, but elements of her world have crossed over into mine, namely her work with Kendrick on the Black Panther soundtrack as well as being signed by Maverick Sabre. These are both artists I admire and follow so it’s on me that I hadn’t bothered to listen.

Songs like Nobody But You and Blue Lights hit home in a beautiful way and I found myself digging into not just Lost & Found but also the three EPs available.

Go and listen to Jorja Smith!

My Spotify playlist of artists for 2022 will be built up here.






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