Music Jar – week 12

If there is one thing I have been missing in my life, it’s knowing who the cool, new bands are. That’s why I felt really lucky that I got to spend the week listening to Wet Leg.

Wet Leg are a British indie band formed by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers and hailing from the Isle of Wight. You may know them from their 6Music rotation, on songs like Wet Dream and Chaise Longue.

There’s a certain Courtney Barnett coolness to their approach that resonates in laisez-faire and explicit lyrics on sex and relationships. It speaks of ownership and real-life scenarios which bring a smirk as well as cementing a melody in the frontal cortex. They are not only a band I’ll be looking out for but one who are yet to release an album. (Research shows it’s due out next month on Domino Records).

What I have found with Wet Leg is the idea that there is hope out there, in guitar and pithy double-entendre and with women.

Long live Wet Leg.

My Spotify playlist of artists for 2022 will be built up here.






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