Body Worlds

For my birthday I was given tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit off Piccadilly Circus. It’s the travelling exhibition of turtleneck and Birkenstock-loving cadaver enthusiast, Dr Gunter von Hagens. The exhibition is spread over a number of floors high above the city and it made me weep. 

When I was in school I had very little time for the formalities of education. I got by, (two A’s at GCSE thank you very much) but I didn’t appreciate how incredible it can be to learn about shit. Now, I get it, but I don’t have enough time.

What an amazing thing the human body is. What wonder it is capable of. What tiny little miracles we are all performing every minute of every day. It made me love and appreciate my body for getting me this far, and also made me look at the damaged cartilage in my knee in a different way. They don’t allow photos inside, which is probably for the best, because I would have taken the piss, but I thoroughly recommend giving it the once over if you get the opportunity. The floors are split by different aspects/systems of the human body. It was the respiratory system that really got me. How wild it is, what is going on inside me all the bloody time and I act like a real jerk about it. My casual smoking habit really doesn’t align with my desire to treat my body like a temple and to eat nothing but mung beans and rice and spend eight days a week doing naked yoga. I really felt like I was letting the team down, and it’s a team of one.

I also got taken for brunch, had lunch in Chinatown and bought gelato on the South Bank. What a wonderful place London can be if you’re not dragging yourself to and from it on a work day. Thanks Jaz for another lovely day out.






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