Category: It’s Actually Quite Nice Being Me

  • The Music Jar.

    I can’t claim this idea as my own, as much as I would like to. It originally came from The Larson House and even finding that can be placed at Jazmine’s feet. My Spotify artist of the decade was The Beatles. There’s nothing wrong with that but I know I am missing out on listening […]

  • Top 10 of 2019.

    I’ve had an incredible year. To think that the Fyre Festival documentary came out this year means it really has been a wild ride. I didn’t have to resort to anything of the sort to make a deal with Evian but here are the ten best things that have happened to me in no real […]

  • Bowling With Toby

    This weekend I was allowed to take my eight-year-old godson, Toby, out for the day. He is a great kid but we had never had to survive one another’s company without the help of some proper adult supervision. Desperate to make him love me, I decided that I would let him have whatever he wanted. […]

  • Iowa

    Three years ago, I was enduring work when the new American guy on our team, Darren, asked if I would go for a pint and talk about writing. I am always up for conversations about writing but I couldn’t work out what he actually wanted. I was suspicious of his motives. It turned out he […]

  • TaskMaster

    On Wednesday I was lucky enough to visit Pinewood Studios with (my brother from another mother) Benjy to watch TaskMaster being filmed. He had managed to get tickets for both the afternoon and evening shows and having turned up the week before only to be told they oversold on tickets and he wouldn’t be going […]

  • My First Pride

    I’ve always thought Pride was important. Pride with a capital P but pride is also important. That’s why I felt very lucky yesterday when I got to take part in the London Pride parade alongside a number of my fabulous new work colleagues. It was such an incredible and moving experience and one I wanted […]

  • Taking Time

    I’ve got into a terrible habit in recent years of stretching myself too thin. I can’t help but agree to things. I’m something of a yes man. What I found in Costa Rica was that I enjoyed not having anything too concrete in the way of plans, and not being at everyone’s beck and call […]

  • Body Worlds

    Body Worlds

    For my birthday I was given tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit off Piccadilly Circus. It’s the travelling exhibition of turtleneck and Birkenstock-loving cadaver enthusiast, Dr Gunter von Hagens. The exhibition is spread over a number of floors high above the city and it made me weep.  When I was in school I had very […]

  • I love you man

    This week I lost a friend who has gone north of the wall. I’m actually very bloody annoyed about it. You reach a point in your life where you’re pretty sure you are done with collecting friends and that you’re therefore set for life. Then on a frozen day in March 2018 you end up […]

  • London Aquarium

    London Aquarium

    The pressure was on. As Jaz had bought me tickets for Body Worlds for my birthday, I agreed to arrange the outing for our February adventure in London. I had thought about the Saatchi Gallery but when I looked at the exhibits there was nothing that really caught my eye and I figured I could […]