I love you man

This week I lost a friend who has gone north of the wall. I’m actually very bloody annoyed about it.
You reach a point in your life where you’re pretty sure you are done with collecting friends and that you’re therefore set for life. Then on a frozen day in March 2018 you end up stuck on a delayed train with a very tall man who appears to have absolutely everything in common with you.
You go to the cinema.
You go for brunch.
You make wild plans to create great things.
You support each other through all kinds of modern-life-is-rubbish shit and then they get the job of a lifetime and move to Leeds.

Fortunately for me, the last time I got to see Lewis was a beautiful memory that I can carry with me until I get my shit together and go to visit him. We got to perform in an improvised comedy show together for the first time. He made me laugh and it would be fair to say that in the last few months he’s also made me cry a fair number of times – I’m still not over my birthday present.

For now though, this isn’t goodbye, it’s just au revoir. I love you man.

Photo by Film Free Photography.






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