Recording on Friday.

I’m quite excited about the prospect of recording another EP this week. It’s been knocking on my head more than anything else recently. I’m really proud of the songs I’ve written and I feel it’s another step along from the Get Me To Marrakech EP I recorded myself in September of last year.
I can remember one of my friends asking why I didn’t take the time to work on the songs for GMTM for longer, to make sure they were the best they could be and I told her in six months there would be more songs and they would be better, and here I am.
I’m very lucky in the fact I can keep spinning out words at the moment. I haven’t had writer’s block proper in over a year and I feel obligated to push myself while it is coming to me.

The plan is for the six or seven tracks to be available as a free download through Bandcamp. I’m also toying with the idea of selling personalised physical copies as well. I might see how the download aspect goes first though.

It is exciting though. I can’t wait.






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