Snow Britain – a first world problem.

I don’t know if you are aware but there are other countries where it snows. When this happens life doesn’t come to a standstill, I wonder if there is even a Facebook status about it.
The fact is we love to moan about the weather. In four months time it may well be “that ‘orrible sticky weather”. It’s always too cold, or too wet or too hot or too mild.
I struggle to understand how we got this far as a species when we are dusted in snow. I’m talking more about the south now, I know they have proper snow up north.
How have eons of evolution led to this many car crashes, wet feet and groans about a bit of weather. It’s good for you. It’s bracing. Go and play in it.






One response to “Snow Britain – a first world problem.”

  1. Andrew (@Andrew__C) Avatar

    Still unsure why we (people, humans etc.) insist of living in difficult climates, like there’s no where else to live?

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