Django Unchained – an almost review.

Last night I finally got to watch the new Tarantino film at the cinema (thanks Kate). It lived up to what I expect from his films. The characters were quick, the acting was spot on and the death count was high. Nobody knows how to spray blood like Tarantino, there is just a red mist over everything.
For a boy who was brought up on a steady diet of spaghetti hoops and Spaghetti Westerns it worked a treat.
While a little on the lengthy side it constantly ebbs to keep interest.
The drawn out scene at dinner is punctuated with the sudden explosive shoot out for which Tarantino has become renowned.

Jamie Foxx is one cool cat. He joins the legacy of Pitt, Thurman, Travolta and the like who have shown just how good characters can be. While it can be sent Tarantino has a penchant for stealing characters and story lines from films he personally enjoys, Foxx’s take on Django is entirely his own.
For a film that comes in at just under the three hour tide mark the dialogue is consistently snappy, witty and engaging.

The soundtrack is the usual blend of the classic with the disco classic as Django funks his way across the frozen South. I don’t know how or why it is acceptable but it wouldn’t be the same without it. Tarantino has said previously he will write a scene to a song, using it as a basis for the action and its nice to see he hasn’t lost this model for film writing.

Go see it little troublemaker.







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