Friends in plays on Leicester Square and how nothing pushes me on like seeing others do well

What a great day for fuzzy heads.
I’m a fuzzy head today. Are you a fuzzy head?
Last night I went to see the final night of The Bastard Children Of Remington Steele. Written by brilliant comedienne Sadie Hasler, it’s a dark and twisted comedy about a group of orphans who take on the belief the fictional Remington Steele is their father to assist one girl’s trauma at the loss of her own parents. 
It far exceeded my expectations, and really highlights what four people are capable of doing in the confines of a stage play. Everything flowed so incredibly swiftly, they dropped and picked up characters with natural ability, there were heartwarming moments, there were laughs.

This morning I am left with the slight hangover of a man coaxed into a cavern to drink red wine, and a desire to work. I would love to write something like that. It was very inspirational, intentionally or not and I have woken with a million thoughts I want to pursue. 
First, the book. Then the music. Then the play?






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