Fight McCartney’s corner.

I’m nursing a big black coffee.
You thought I was going to say something else.
You’re sick.
Last night I drunk too much J&B and it’s taken me a couple of hours to get back into my own head. I really want to watch the Olympics opening ceremony because I’m defending McCartney to the max right now and I haven’t even seen his performance. I don’t like the way people describe him as being ‘wheeled out’ for national events. There’s a reason for it. He’s a living legend. I don’t use that word lightly in the way that a lot of people will get drunk and describe their friends as being legends, I mean it.

The Beatles are the most important band of all time, that cannot be swayed. Their music is still better than the pulp being churned out today. They changed everything. Paul McCartney has earned his place at these events because with John, George and Ringo he wrote some of the most important songs of modern times. I don’t understand the mentality of people towards older musicians at all. These people should be treasured and embraced, we should walk in their footsteps but instead they’re belittled for it. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. That’s one of the few occasions where America have it right about something, they cherish their legacy of musicians and I don’t see why people should feel any different about the surviving Beatles or the Stones or anyone else. They shaped the way we are, the way a lot of us grew up, the music we listen to, it runs deep and it should be adored.






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