New Year’s Day, 2018.

Don’t listen to anyone who wants to put you down for your “new year, new me” rhetoric. I think the new year is an amazing opportunity to start afresh and whatever way that chooses to present itself is important. I’m taking January 2018 as an opportunity to regroup and reassess. I have a number of…… Continue reading New Year’s Day, 2018.

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Love You Better: an essay

Love You Better or Why losing The Maccabees is a massive blow to the music scene and to me, Paul Schiernecker. When I was seventeen, indie was king. I can remember working a Sunday morning in Sainsburys at Rayleigh Weir, feeling like absolute shit because I was fronting up Babybels on three hours sleep. The…… Continue reading Love You Better: an essay

2013: In Review

…and so concludes another year, arguably my best to date. When I first sat down to consider my year I struggled to piece anything together, to draw memories out from my temple with the tip of my Phoenix feather cored Holly wand and place them into the Pensieve. I struggled to recall exactly what had…… Continue reading 2013: In Review

Reflections on gigs.

Is it just me or have people stopped caring at gigs? Last night I went to see Placebo at Brixton Academy, it was essentially the latest in a number of gigs I have attended this year that have nearly been ruined by the audience. I don’t know if it is just me growing older and…… Continue reading Reflections on gigs.

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Sahara Trek 2013

Like the opening scene of Lawrence Of Arabia I have returned to you from the depths of the dunes. I had the most amazing time, and will just not shut up about it. It’s not really possible to get an idea of the scale of any part of it but I’m going to do my…… Continue reading Sahara Trek 2013