A tribute to good friends.

Gummy mouth and scratchy eyes,can’t work out if it’s a two day hangover or hayfever or both. I got to spend last night with some of my favourite people in all the world and it’s caused me to wake up full of the joys of Spring.

The wonder of these friends is that we haven’t been together for a year (almost to the day) and yet as soon as that first round is placed on the table it is as if no time has passed at all, as if we are in Bar One, as if we have finished lectures for the day. The dynamic is just as good if not better with the wonder of hindsight. We tell each other stories that we had kept secret or that the others had blocked for various reasons, we laugh at some of the other characters and at ourselves and we make promises to get together more often.

In an ideal world there would be a small village that we could all live in, like we did five years ago but unfortunately lives move on and people have to move on but when we are together we regress in the best possible way.







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