There are two initials that seem to follow me, they have done since my teens, since I was introduced to Catcher In The Rye at the sweet age of sixteen, this initials are J.D.

I am currently re-re-re-reading For Esmé; With Love & Squalor and I had forgotten how true an artist Salinger really is. It’s easy to just skim over the details when reading a novel but the way Salinger does it is like nothing else, I’m biased I suppose, I’ve been an advocate for practically a decade. I think what I like about reading his stuff is that it showed me that not all books are about bold adventures, or larger than life characters, there is something beautiful in the description of the tasks of the every day and the humdrum conversations we all have, if you harness that you can pull it apart and that’s what he seems to do so well, any of his work is a pleasure to get lost in, and it relit my love of reading at an age when I guess a lot of other people are getting turned off.

His reach extends beyond literature and his influence can be felt in any of Wes Anderson’s films; the flawed character, the questionable psyche, the endless smoking, it’s all there and it’s a wonderful compliment to a man who turned so far from the limelight that it’s hard to martyr him now.






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