I have been lucky enough to take my second trip away in two months. I spent the weekend in Pencaitland, just outside Edinburgh for three nights with a group of friends. We were all there to watch the Super Bowl. I know you all must be wondering the same thing, why would I ever be involved in purposely watching a sports game.

I guess I must have really wanted to spend time with this group of people – enough to overlook my usual aversion to the world of sport.

It was a grand weekend where I ate too much, drank too much, realised that I am still terrible at PitchCar but equally fantastic at very British quiz questions.

My highlights included:

· Managing to secure a room and a bathroom to myself, which I assumed at some point would be taken from me.

· Not having to, or being able to, go to the gym for four days

· Breathing fresh air and getting out away from the usual nonsense

· Spending more time with Darren

· Escaping the “sports room” where the “lads” were watching the “Super Bowl” to watch the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, because I have my priorities straight

· Making a lot of Brooklyn 99 and Arrested Development references

· Playing the game Horse, but with skittles

· Bringing down the survivors of an Antarctic base with Ben

· Going for a four mile walk that included a village pub

· Playing Hey Joon on the piano

· Eating my weight in nachos

· Shouting the four key phrases I’ve got in my locker in relation to American Football

· Listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack while getting hammered with Two Tennants Sam

· Wandering, hungover, through Edinburgh with Marcus, killing time before the train home

We may have shouted at one another at points, but it came from a place of love and anger, so it’s all in good fun.

Here is to next year, and the hopes that I will be the champ.


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