Costa Rica – week two

My second week in Costa Rica has just meant more adventures. We visited a coffee co-operative where I learnt about the ridiculous amount of work that it takes for a cup of coffee to end up in front of me. Then I had a cup and saw into the future. The best goddamn coffee I’ve had in thirty years. We got picked up by tractor and taken out into the rainforest to spend two nights in a lodge. I got a nice break from the rest of the world, swam in the rivers and went out on bird-watching hikes. I wandered around with no shoes on, connecting to Mother Earth and getting all hippie and spiritual about things. We were given lessons in making empanadas and I watched rain pour as I sat inside with a good book.

Back in the world, we visited Tortuguero, a town built on the edge of the river, only accessible by boat. We hired kayaks and found cayman living on the banks. I gave up and finally had to do some washing. We hiked up another mountain, looking out for jaguars and I tried eating termites – would recommend. I had too much to drink at extended happy hours and gave fashion a good kick in the teeth with my mismatching outfits. We moved over to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast where I politely declined all offers of drugs and rode bikes out to the beach. Later, I got hammered on tequila and sang Mr Brightside at karaoke.

Every day felt longer than any I had ever known. I was up before the sun but in time for the howler monkeys. We moved around and saw so much that it felt like the trip was never going to end. Then, before I knew what was happening, I had to get in a taxi at four in the morning to head home. I will never forget the things I saw, did, or most importantly ate while in Costa Rica. I met some lovely, funny, interesting and dynamic people and cannot wait for my next adventure.

For now, I’ve got a lot of washing and some saving to do.






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