35mm Costa Rica.

This photo was from my first day in Costa Rica, where I wandered around San Jose, made friends with Joey from Denver, and read most of a book while sipping iced coffee high above street level.

I was drunk. We were drunk. This was a real bonding experience for the five of us. Later, I would jump off the deck of that boat into the sea.

An immensely hungover walk through the jungle with my new friends.

Living at the foot of a volcano in a town called La Fortuna, because they were yet to be wiped out by molten-hot magma really went to our heads.

This cemetery was something else. Keats and Yates are on your side.

A moody sky over the coffee plantation. A humbling look at beans.

The only way to get to our penultimate stay was by water taxi. I was all for it. So were the crocs.

We hired bikes for the day and rode around Puerto Viejo like straight up gangsters. If you look closely, you’ll see my big pimpin’ mates coming round the bend.


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