For someone who has worked in London for coming up on a decade, I haven’t seen enough of our fair capital. With the daily drudgery it is hard to keep in mind that it is an exceptionally cool place, full of history and that I am lucky to live so close by. When Jaz told…… Continue reading Greenwich.


I try to be a good influence. I try not to let on, especially to the children in my life (godchildren, niece, nephew, cousins), that I am a terrible role model. Imagine my surprise when last weekend I was presented with my godson Toby’s first story, which is to be published in a collection. He…… Continue reading Adventure

Do You Wanna Build A Podcast?

A month ago my very fine friend Sam Sexton mentioned the pair of us starting work on a podcast together. Tonight we are recording our fifth episode and the feedback to it so far has been fantastic. Sam and I met several years ago through Danny and ended up forced into performing improvised comedy together.…… Continue reading Do You Wanna Build A Podcast?

Plead the sixth.

For the last six years I have dedicated myself, with mixed levels, to this blog. It’s been something of a journey I suppose. In the way that time has to be. More than anything, I started it to make sure I was flexing my writing muscles and making sure I get the key details down.…… Continue reading Plead the sixth.