My First Pride

I’ve always thought Pride was important. Pride with a capital P but pride is also important. That’s why I felt very lucky yesterday when I got to take part in the London Pride parade alongside a number of my fabulous new work colleagues.

It was such an incredible and moving experience and one I wanted to take the time to share. We all met up early. I had to travel up incognito because unfortunately we still live in a world where side-eye all the way up to actual homophobic attacks occur against people just because they are standing up for who they are, who they love or both. I met up with everyone at King’s Cross and we drank gin and tonics and covered one another in glitter.

We joined the parade at Regent’s Park and impatiently waited our turn, dancing along to every truck that went by, music blasting from exposed speakers. I saw a lot of incredible costumes and many beautiful people enjoying themselves and being themselves. I danced to all the Madonna I heard and I proudly waved my flag, screaming along with the rest of London and having the best goddamn time. I can’t thank my friends enough for making me feel so loved and welcome.

I cannot emphasise how important Pride is and will continue to be. In the year we commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots it’s important to look at the amazing efforts that have been made towards equality but the bizarre amount more that needs to be done.
I still saw people protesting. There remain countries where you can be fired for being gay. There remain countries where it is illegal to be gay. There remain countries where you can be killed for being gay. I march for all of those people, everyone that came before me that made this possible and anyone who will ever march. This is us.






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