Music Jar – week 3

This week, I have mostly been listening to, Cat Power – the stage name of American singer songwriter Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall.
Before this project started, my only exposure to Cat Power was her song Sea of Love, used to wonderful effect in Juno.
What I didn’t know is that there are eleven studio albums to get into, including two lots of covers.

There’s a certain DIY aesthetic to the early albums – Dear Sir (1995) and Myra Lee (1996) but the changes to Marshall’s sound and style is what made this week so wonderful. It feels like there is a Cat Power song for every situation. There’s a blues style to a lot of it but it’s so much more at the same time.

It’s only while writing this that I recall seeing Cat Power at BST three years ago. She was on early, before Neil Young played his greatest hits and Bob Dylan refused to. Somehow, I have no recollection of watching her or Sam Fender who was also on the bill. Must do better.

My Spotify playlist of artists for 2022 will be built up here.






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