Music Jar – week 2

Here we go. Each week, I take the name of an artist or band from a pickle jar, listen to them and try not to be quite as ignorant to the work of female musicians.
This week was the turn of New Zealand singer-songwriter, Aldous Harding. My thanks to Jamie for the recommendation.

I wasn’t familiar with Harding’s work before this project, which is obviously what it is all about. Having listened to her this week, there’s something haunting about her folk style that reminded me of Laura Marling, one of my favourites. There are also elements of Frou Frou and Joni Mitchell in there too.

The first track I came across was The Barrel and despite listening to her three albums (with a forth due for release later this year), it was this track that stuck. There’s something so melancholic about it that I couldn’t help but be won over.

My Spotify playlist of artists for 2022 will be built up here.






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