Failing Camp NaNoWriMo

At the start of April, I was bragging about the work I was undertaking, intent on writing 90,000 words in a month. I updated my blog about it every day and then I went radio silent for three weeks.

I can’t completely cover the reasons for this. All I can say is that something else came up that needs my attention. This is the first time in maybe ten years that I haven’t completed the task I set out to do within a National Novel Writing Month event. I went from writing a book a year to writing three a year. The novel I was working on, Death By Chocolate, has now been removed from their server. I couldn’t have it staring me down.

Having moved house this year and given the amount of time that has taken up, as well as an increasing workload in my 9-5 and then the additional project that came to the fray in the middle of the month, I wasn’t able to dedicate to this properly. I thought about pushing on and meeting the 50,000 words that most people try for as part of NaNoWriMo but it was too late, I’d set the goal at 90k and couldn’t find a way to edit that down. I intend on returning to that story, but when the time is right and I’m not quite as fraught.
I’m not quitting on writing or on myself. I’ve just had to shift the focus to catch something that’s far more pressing. I hate being so speculative and opaque about anything I’m working on but for now it needs to sit with me and me alone.
Wish me luck with that.






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