Am I still writing?

Last week, a friend asked if I was still writing and where they could read more of what I’ve been doing. While I love that people are aware of my passion for writing and know that it’s what I want to be doing more than anything else in the world, I’m not currently in a position where I am sharing what I am working on, beyond the odd mysterious post on social media.

You should know that I am certainly writing. I am working on something exciting, that has set a fire in my belly and that I have real hopes will be the thing that sets the world on fire. It is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever written and I think it’s healthy to say that about everything I put together. If you aren’t improving then what is the point.
So there’s the answer. I am working on something at the moment. I’m very much in it. I find myself drifting off in other situations and thinking about it, fitting together these intricate puzzle pieces in the hope that it will all come together in the way I am hoping and will become an HBO series and be taught in schools.
I am not afraid of manifesting but you’ve got to put the hard work in and that’s where I’m at now.






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