Camp NaNoWriMo – Day Three

Another late start, I left it until after dinner to get any writing done.
Chapter Three was a complete departure from the characters that I had introduced in the previous two days/chapters so it was an easy roll into the world of the chocolatier and a chance to get some outside ideas down on the world that I am building out.
I’m now at 9,000 words and getting to grips with some of the jokes, references and symbols that could be repeated down the line. As much as I love to plan these things through, it’s strange the places the mind goes to once the flow of words is coming. It’s also a welcome distraction as I am waiting on news back on something that I wrote previously and have high hopes for an a high opinion of. If I’m writing something new then it lends me an air of protection against my previous work. With everything new that I write, it feels like a step closer. I’m learning all the time and today I learnt that the scientific name for a sucker fish is a plecostomus.






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