Camp NaNoWriMo – Day Two

Having struggled to reach my target yesterday, I was pleased to find the time today to get a chunk of writing done and am now at the six-thousand word mark, which is just scratching the surface but is at least still on the target for the rest of the month.
My plan is to write one chapter a day (making each chapter approximately three thousand words) as it feels like a clear cut off point each day. I definitely work better in the morning than trying to drag myself over the finish line later in the day. I wrote about 3,700 words today and the easiest part of it came in the 3,300 I wrote earlier in the day than the final portion I decided to put in after dinner and a couple of beers.
I had to do a decent amount of research (mostly the very legitimate historical source Wikipedia) to find out about the Nazis at the top of the pile, those who Hitler trusted. I’m yet to even introduce my two main characters. It felt necessary to set the scene historically which has now been done.
Tomorrow, we delve into the exciting world of chocolate production.






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