Music Jar – week 48

Each week I listen to a band or artist I’ve never explored before.
How do I find them you may wonder?
I asked friends to help me compile a list at the start of this hell year of people I should know more about. There are huge gaps in my knowledge and I wanted to plug them. This week was the turn of new wave darlings, Tears For Fears.

What I Knew Before
I liked Tears For Fears because of their appearance on the Donnie Darko soundtrack, alongside another Music Jar band, INXS. Aside from that, I probably heard Martin Day play them on his 80s show on Essex FM.

What I Know Now
It’s essentially that. Tears For Fears have some hits and they have some wonderful cover versions to discover, but they were never going to be a band to blow me away.
I was however surprised to learn that they were from Bath. They don’t sound very Bath. I think it’s the lack of spa activities in their set. That aside, there’s something very pertinent about their music as that whole shoegaze romanticism rears its head once more because it’s all cyclical.

Favourite song(s):
Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Shout, Head Over Heels and Mad World.

Favourite album:
Songs From The Big Chair






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