Music Jar – week 47

Each week, as penance for trying to make plans in 2020, I take an artist from the music jar and do what I can to ignore the world and lose myself in their music.
This week was the turn of California Girl, Sara Bareilles.

What I Knew Before
I recently listened to Bareilles on Armchair Expert, one of my favourite podcasts. As a result, I knew more about her than I should have done. Mostly how she came to be so adored, her work on Waitress and the issues she has with her face in profile (same here, sister).

What I Know Now
More of the above, and also the undeniable fact that Sara Bareilles writes some of the best pop music in the world today.

Favourite song(s):
Love Song, She Used To Be Mine, I Choose You, Bottle It Up – Live At The Fillmore and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Live at the Variety Playhouse

Favourite album:
Between The Lines: Sara Bareilles Live At The Fillmore

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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