Music Jar – week 44

Each week, I take a different band or artist and indulge in their back catalogue to try and escape that hellscape that 2020 has become.
This week was the turn of Hampshire-born indie band, Blaenavon – a band I cannot spell correctly on the first attempt.

What I Knew Before
Absolutely nothing. The recommendation for Blaenavon come from my friend Sarah at work, who has an impressive track record for such things.

What I Know Now
With a very basic level of research I have learnt that the band have been together since 2016 after meeting at secondary school. Unlike most bands formed by friends in school, they are good, and have released three albums to date.
Each album has a very different sound to it but there’s something compelling to each.

Favourite song(s):
I Want You, Take Care and whatever u wanna B

Favourite album:
That’s Your Lot






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