Music Jar – week 37

Each week, I listen to a musician that I don’t know enough about.
This week was the turn of country singer-songwriter, Kacey Musgraves.

What I Knew Before
I knew the name, because two of my favourite women are big fans of her work but I had never really heard much of her music. I knew she must have been a big deal (owing to her six Grammies) but I had never taken the time to listen to the Texan raven.

What I Know Now
Hot damn, does Musgraves know how to put a song together. Each album is better than the last and I include her two (yes, two) Christmas albums. I kept finding melodies stuck in my head and could only get them out by listening to Slow Burn once more. She’s really done a number on me.
I have also discovered that she recently divorced her husband, which is obviously awful, but does mean that we will get a great Kacey Musgraves album soon.

Favourite songs:
Slow Burn, Merry Go ‘Round, Rainbow, High Time and Space Cowboy.

Favourite Album: 
Golden Hour






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