Music Jar – week 38

One Man. One Jar. Not that one.
Each week, I take the name of an artist from a pickle jar and listen to their back catalogue. This week was the turn of American indie folk group, Lord Huron.

What I Knew Before
Absolutely nothing. I hadn’t heard a note. I didn’t know the name. They were, in fact, a recommendation. You may know their song The Night We Met from the highly problematic Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. I did not.

What I Know Now
Lord Huron are a four-piece band from Los Angeles. They have three albums, only two of which are available on Spotify. The Night We Met has been streamed over 500 million times.
I don’t know how they had passed me by until this point. They have a real Fleet Foxes sound, which is very much in my wheelhouse.

Favourite songs:
When the Night is Over, Ends of the Earth, Harvest Moon, Love Like Ghosts.

Favourite album:
Vide Noir






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