Music Jar – week 24

At the start of 2020, when we had no idea what a horrific trash fire this year would become, I put the names of 52 musical artists into a pickle jar. They were all recommended to me by friends or musicians that I knew I should know more about but had never had the time to get into.
Each Monday, I take out a name and listen to that band for the week.
This week was the turn of Kettering-born psychedelic rockers, Temples.

What I Knew Before:
It is possible that I had heard some Temples songs before. I’m fairly sure that Sarah, who is responsible for them being on this list, told me to listen to them after she invited me to go and see them a few months ago. I am gutted that I didn’t take her up on the offer.

What I Know Now:
Temples are 100% my bag. I don’t know what I wasn’t listening to them before. My only excuse is that they rose to prominence, as an NME band, after my tenure. I used to know all of the cool new bands, then I got older and I couldn’t keep up. It hurts my little indie heart to know that music is moving on without me.
Temples have three albums; Sun Structures, Volcano and Hot Motion. All three are excellent. I have also dipped into the Sun Restructured album (thanks for the tip-off Ben), a remix of their first that sounds even trippier.
For those who haven’t heard Temples before; there’s elements of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones at their most experimental, alongside Empire of the Sun and MGMT, if you want something more recent and tangible to cling to.

Favourite songs: Certainty, Sand Dance, Shelter Song, Hot Motion and You’re Either On Something.

Favourite album: They are all worthy of your time, but Volcano clinches it. 

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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