Music Jar – week 23

Each week, I take the name of an artist from a pickle jar and listen to them, learning as I go.
This week was the turn of Seattle-born rapper, Benjamin Hammond Haggerty aka Macklemore.
What with one thing and another, I’ve been somewhat distracted from my usual tasks but I did listen to both Macklemore albums a few times through to get a grip of the Mac – is that okay to say?

What I Knew Before:
I knew the name. I knew he had a penchant for thrift shops, hence his song, Thrift Shop. That’s about it.

What I Know Now:
Not much more than that to be honest. I found out that he works with Ryan Lewis, a name I hadn’t been familiar with before, despite having heard some of their Billboard smashes.
I will say this, the pair of them are clearly onto a winning formula. There’s something bright and catchy about their music and I could listen again.

Favourite song: 
Thrift Store, Good Old Days, Summer Days – he seems to like days.

Favourite album:

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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