Music Jar – week 17

Every week, I take a band or artist from the jar and listen to their back catalog in an attempt at widening my musical knowledge. This week was the turn of emo Jersey Boys, My Chemical Romance. What I Knew Before: I was very much aware of MCR prior to this project. At the height of…… Continue reading Music Jar – week 17

Music Jar – Week 5

This week, I pulled LA rock duo, Best Coast from the pickle jar. I dedicated seven days to them, which as luck would have it, ended with the release of their new album, Always Tomorrow. What I Knew Before: I knew there were two of them. I knew that they were a band who were around…… Continue reading Music Jar – Week 5

Music Jar – Week 4

No two weeks are the same, whether you work as a bailiff or if you’ve put fifty-two slips of paper in a pickle jar. This week, I am the latter, and I picked Kiwi goth kid sister, Lorde. What I Knew Before: I was familiar with Lorde. I had listened to Pure Heroine, seen her…… Continue reading Music Jar – Week 4