Music Jar – week 22

And here we go again. Each week, I take the name of a musician I don’t know enough about from a jar and listen to them, learning more as I go.
This week was the turn of experimental hip-hop outfit, clipping. (yes, it’s stylised like that).

What I Knew Before:
Absolutely nothing. They were a recommendation from my friend, Palmar.
What I Know Now:
clipping. are a collaboration between three friends who met in school/college born of a remix project for their own amusement. They have since gone on to release a mixtape and three albums on Subpop.
Interestingly, this was the first time that, despite a few interesting tracks, I simply could not get along with a musical artist. I really enjoyed the flow of the raps but the static and white noise used throughout made me feel anxious. And that’s fine. clipping. may not be for me and I’m okay with that. There’s plenty of noise I can get behind.
Favourite song(s): Nothing is Safe, Story 2 and Work Work.
Favourite album: midcity






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