Music Jar – week 21

Inspired by Larson House, I am listening to artists I have never indulged in before. Each week, I take an artist suggested to me by friends, from the jar and listen to them for the week.
This week was the turn of Norwegian alt-rock band, Madrugada.

What I Knew Before: This is one of the few artists that I knew absolutely nothing about. I was on lunch at work, discussing the project with my friend Sarah, who is doing the same as we speak. We were both recommended Madrugada by the wonderful Lefteris. When I told him that they had been pulled this week, he told me they were more of a winter band. There’s nothing I can do about that. The name was out of the jar and the rules must be obeyed. I’m not Dominic Cummings.
What I Know Now: Madrugada are a Norwegian rock band, formed by Sivert Høyem, Robert Burås and Frode Jacobsen. The band’s name comes from the Spanish word for the blue hour before dawn. Allmusic describe them as “bareboned blues-inspired alt-rock, which is 100% my bag.
After Burås passed away in 2007, the others decided to finish what would be their final, and self-titled, album.
Favourite songs: Majesty, The Kids Are On High Street and Blood Shot Adult Commitment.
Favourite album: Grit.

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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