Music Jar – week 20

Each week, I take an artist from a pickle jar on my bar caddy and try to indulge in their discography for a week. What with one thing and another, this sometimes proves slightly difficult and my brain is unable to process at the best of times. 
This week was the turn of Roberta Joan “Joni” Mitchell.

What I Knew Before: I was likely introduced to JM by the soundtrack to Almost Famous, which is responsible for any number of my hot musical takes. The song River, which appears on Blue, not only makes the soundtrack but the cover of the album also features as young William lovingly strokes his sister’s vinyl collection while their mother declares that Simon & Garfunkel are on drugs. 
I also know that a Joni Mitchell album is not an appropriate present for your wife after you’ve bought that tramp in the office a hideous and overpriced necklace. 
What I Know Now: Joni Mitchell may just be a prophet. Her wide collection of albums are sombre and sad. She leaves a legacy that was uncompromisingly her own and she garnered so much respect for that. If anything, I wish I had more time to sit with her music and understand it. The project forces me to press on but Mitchell is in my heart.
It’s clear she’s been an influence on ,many artists I have now come to love including Laura Marling, Rufus Wainwright and of course, Taylor Swift. 
Favourite song(s): River, Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now and California. 
Favourite album(s): There’s no question about it right. Everyone has a favourite Joni Mitchell album. It’s the same Joni Mitchell album. It’s Blue. 

Spotify my favourite songs from this project.






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