Music Jar – Week 4

No two weeks are the same, whether you work as a bailiff or if you’ve put fifty-two slips of paper in a pickle jar. This week, I am the latter, and I picked Kiwi goth kid sister, Lorde.

What I Knew Before: I was familiar with Lorde. I had listened to Pure Heroine, seen her perform All Apologies with Kim Gordon, St Vincent, Pat Smear, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl and am well aware that she’s actually a character that Randy Marsh created.
What I Know Now: Pretty much that, but also that she is fucking rad and I was definitely overlooking her as an artist. On top of the brilliant Pure Heroine, there is also Melodrama (2017) which may be even better.
It also reminded me that several years ago, I was away on a tall ship for ten days and as a group we covered Royals. Every time I listen to it, I can hear the screeching teenagers I was trapped with.
Favourite Song(s): Royals, White Teeth Teens, Homemade Dynamite, Liability (which has the same vocal melody as Welcome To The Black Parade) and Supercut.
Favourite Album: This is tough. It’s like choosing a favourite child. I would have to say that my favourite one is the one who will look after me in my old age, and that’s likely to be Melodrama.


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